Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wow Time Flies

Wow...I knew it had been awhile since I was able to get on here and blog...but wow...longer than I had thought. Time sure does fly.

Things have been crazy around here at best...but thank is getting better. THANK YOU GOD! Ya know...that's another thing....not only do we all let time slip through our hands...but how many times a day do we tell a stranger or someone we love or the person at the store Thank comparison with the One that is responsible for all of us being here. I have given it a lot of thought over the past 2 years, I think I have come to the conclusion that it is when we do forget to tell God Thank You...that he kinda pulls us back...or tosses something at us to get our attention. If you think about makes sense. Why is it that when we are in a tight spot...or something happens to a loved one...or you are having a tramautic episode in your life...that we pray? But when was the last time that everything in your life was going perfect...I were completely satisfied with everything in every aspect of your life...that you prayed to God...just to say Thank You? I know I am trying to be better about it is hard. We do forget to Thank God when things are good....but I for one am tired of always praying when things are bad. So from now on...I am going to Thank God everyday....every time I think of it during the day....and pray about good things that he is doing and has done for me and my family...instead of always praying to ask for help with a situation....I bet...that I will soon find out that it is when you just pray....that God will stop tossing in all the yuck. The tests. The hard parts of life...and when we begin to just pray.....because we are thankful....and grateful....only wonderful things will happen.

I think I will start practicing what I preach.....right now!

Thank you for reading.....please let me know if any of you decide to pray to say thank you....or if you already do...and what changes has it made in your life for you? I would truly love to know.

Until next time....and I won't be this long this time between blogs....because I know that now that I have figured out to pray for the good things....I will have more time to blog....because I will no longer have any yuck! Talk to you all soon!

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