Friday, August 21, 2009


Hey there,
This is Christine's daughter Taylor again. I am going to be blogging about going back to school on Monday August 24, and back to school sales.
First, I will talk about the only BACK TO SCHOOL SALE I know about.
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So anyways, going back to school is very exciting for me and MANY other teenagers. Back to school means starting a new year and achieving new goals. It also means learning more and meeting new people.
This school year I will be starting 8th grade. This year I am more excited that any because I will be promoting to high school at the end of the year. Every year I learn something new and that's what I love about school. I like learning new things that will especially help me succeed in life.
Some teenagers just go to school for a social life and they don't care about their grades while other teenagers like me DO care about their grades and they go to school to learn and to get an education. One of the reasons why I care about my grades is because I plan on going to college and you can't get into college if you don't have decent grades. Another reason is because I want to achieve a lot of goals in life and I want to have a job and be able to support a family. I also want to be able to give my kids everything they need and even the stuff that they just simply WANT.
Over all, I just LOVE going to school. And OF COURSE I have friends but school and homework come FIRST.
Thank you for reading my blog...Have an awesome weekend.

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Curtis Collectables :) said...

Keep up the hard work! Nerds always end up doing well in college and aren't shocked when they get there. I'm a nerd so I would know.