Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Sundayyyyyy

This is supposed to be the day that our family hangs out together and just does some serious "chillaxin'" but nope....not today.
My daughter got called in to her job. Then hubby got asked to go and help our son-in-law out with a fair going on at the Catholic Church in town. They are having a big carnival and needed extra help with the rides for the children who go to school there. Sooooo here I am.....home....blogging.
I guess I shouldn't complain. Steve (hubby) and our youngest daughter Tay who still lives home with us....and myself....we all got to go to church together at least before everyone had to go and do their own thing. So I am thankful for that.
I just remember the days when the girls were younger. I think as parents we all go through this.
We would wonder....when will they start doing things for themselves.....when will they do this....or that. Or move out.....and then they move out....and we miss them. Then they move back home. And we begin to wonder again. What was I thinking? When is she moving back out? lol I remember years ago just wanting some time for myself....but now when I do get it....I want everyone home.
Is it just me????? Is this normal???? lol
I would love to hear some feedback on this subject.
Wellllll.....I guess I will go and play with my copper wire I got a week or so ago. I have already made some cool looking things. I can't wait until I am good at this. I love the wire....and the beads. SOOOO I guess I will take my own advice that I always give at the end of my blog...and I think that since my family is all out doing what they want to for the day....that I will now also....go and do what I love!