Thursday, September 3, 2009


For the longest time I have admired those that have the talent to make anything with wire. Especially Jewelry....wire weaving....wire wrapping....wire ANYTHING. So...I am now a member of CoiffuresCommunity and some of the members over there are nothing short of AMAZING.
They have this tremendous talent that makes me sooooo want to be able to do that. You can see their work at the site there are many many talented people there. Oh...and if you are a jewelry should look into signing up. Pam...the gal that started all of this is an amazing person. She is very friendly and personable. I love it there.
Wait...where was I???? Oh ok...soooo a few weeks ago I saw a wire cross and thought to myself. That's it....that is what I want to make first. So I searched and searched and SEARCHED for the tutorial or instructions to do this. I found a lot of tutorials...but nothing was really very close to what I had in mind. I knew what it was I wanted to make....but I couldn't find anything even resembling what I had in my head.
I pulled out a bunch of wire right around the same time I was hunting for the DIY link I thought I could find....every night...I would pick up the wire....and play with it....and then put it back down. I did this every day and night for about a week....FINALLY, with my husband sitting next to me on the couch....and the wire sitting on the little table right in front of me while we watched "Wipeout" on ABC....I just grabbed the wire and told him....that's it...I am just going to go for it. And I did....and here is my first wire wove-wrapped up cross. I used Swarovski bi-cone crystals also....let me know what you think....but be gentle.....I did this without instructions and no is my first shot at this.....

I am going to make a chain to go with it. I know it isn't that great. But least I just went for it. I am happy at that. I made it. I did it. I had the cuts all over my fingers to show for it too lol.

Well....time to get to making some new items for the shop...I listed a few new ones today. Go check them out at

See ya later

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