Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Dreaming of Jamaica...Mon'

My amazing husband took me on the most wonderful 2nd honeymoon/vacation I have ever been on in my life. We had the chance to finally go somewhere we had both always dreamt of...and we took it!

We spent a week in an all inclusive resort, I have to tell you...that is THE go. It was also for adults only...couples only. I love children...adore ours, but I have to admit, it was sooo outrageously amazing to not hear children screaming at dinner at the other tables or rough housing in the pool. It was so nice to be able to actually get into a pool and just do the whole "chillaxin" thing.

We spent 7 unforgettable days there. I have wanted to go back ever since we had to pack our bags and go to the airport. If you have never done the all inclusive thing...I have to say. It is the way to do your vacation. Everything is paid for in your package. EVERYTHING. Go to dinner...just get up and go. Don't leave a is frowned upon. I am not kidding. No tips allowed. Want to go snorkeling for the's included. Take out a catamaran for a few hours...yup that too. They also include all your drinks...leaded and lead free lol.

The only thing that you will have to of course pay for is the outside day trips. We went to the YS Falls one day with a full group from our resort. The locals hang out there to help you get up this trail and hold your hand to guide you through the rough spots.

I have to tell you though...the drive from the airport to the resort...woahhh. If you do get the chance to go to Jamaica and you have the resort driver transport you from the airport to the resort (also included) have a good stiff drink or take a xanax first. The roads are very very small, and the drivers are very very umm what is the word??? NUTS...CRAZY...well they both

The rooms however...are worth the drive. They even come in and pull down your bed at night and each night they would leave a new note card on our bed. It was always something about LOVE and Marriage. A little quip or qoute. I thought it was so cool. And the view...OHH WOW...the view from our room. Well it speaks for itself...

Every morning, when you first look out your window, everything looks perfect and pristine and new. I couldn't figure out how they did it. morning...ah ha...there was a kid out there had to be about 15 or 16 and he was just dragging this rake behind him. For as far as your eyes could carry you...he would rake the beach.
I could go on and on and on....but I have more jewelry to go and post to the new etsy store...I will add more later for's time to go and do what you love!

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