Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tell me what you think???

Happy Saturday Everyone!
Well...I thought I would stop in really quick and invite you to go and view my new Etsy store...I only have a few things in there right now ...I HAVE A BUNCH more new stuff to add. My scanner took a clickety clank on me and we had to try to take pictures...FYI...figure out the digital camera first...Grrrr...WHAT A PAIN! So hubby ran out lastnight and bought me a new one...nice and fast...and it does all the cropping and cussing for you...YAYYY!
I am also going to try to get some pictures of a new necklace I am working on to this blog also. I would love some input. Both on my new stuff I will post here and on the things in the please me out. Let me know what you think...
Thanks everyone...have a great day...and Hey...Go and do what you love!!!

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