Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Store Update

Ya know...I really love the creative side of this gig...but I have to tell you, all this other stuff...myspace, flickr, twitter, facebook..albeit they are all great social networking sites...and they are a wonderful tool to have...I just wonder with all of these things to do I get back to MAKING the things I need for the store???
So I thought I would enlist the help of my girls. They are 21, 17 and 14. Great idea I thought. is hard. My oldest...thank GOD for her. She has done the Myspace for me and keeps that running...even when I crashed it on her not even a week later...HEY K...we are broke our scanner the 2nd day...anyway. I have the other two here with my husband and I...and I thought ok...let's get them to help with making things. Maybe even a little creating. HA. that lasted all of about 3 minutes. They drug a bunch of things out to "HELP" and then left them all out...boxes, bins, trays...and went to read more of their new series of vampire books. They are hooked on Twilight of course and have found another series they are resistant to releasing from their noses. Anyway...that is another then...who has to clean it all up. guessed between the "help" of things...the networking...and just trying to be someone...when do I get to do what I set out to?
If anyone has any ideas...hey shoot them my way!!! Meanwhile....hey...go and do what you love...

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Curtis Collectables :) said...

It's hard to do all the online promoting with all the different sites but if you can keep it up I think it'll pay off. I can't help you with making anything look nicer because my husband helped with my page but you can take my button off my page.