Friday, October 2, 2009

I think I figured it out!

Sigh… we are. October 2, 2009, again…already? Really? Where does the time go? Seriously….I remember when I was young. I would hear the adults complaining that “the days were getting shorter” and I remember the comebacks “ya…if there were only more hours in the day” Well, I have given that some thought. IF we were given more hours in a day, we would still complain. Why is that? Well let me tell you what my theory is.
We would still complain about not enough time….or not enough hours to get our things done. Or to complete our never-ending “to do” lists that we all have. Now just because yours might not say “to do” at the top doesn’t mean that you don’t have a list somewhere with things on it that you would at some time….LOVE to get done. You just can’t seem to find the time in the day. Maybe your list is like my husbands. It isn’t even written down anywhere, he can keep it all in his head. I used to be able to do that. Then….my brain just got too full. So now I not only carry around a “to do” list. I carry around a 70 page spiral bound notebook. NO! I am not kidding.
At the top of each page is the day of the week, the date and yup…you got it….I even have to write down which month it is. I can fit 2 months into one of these 10cent jobbers. I keep my appointments listed, things that I need to get done on the computer each day for the shop. The jewelry I want to get done for the shop. Designs I think of. Sites I need to either follow up on, or go check out. And you know what….there hasn’t been one day NOT ONE….that I have been able to cross each and every thing off of a page for that date. Not one. I don’t understand it. I have PLENTY of time during the day. So why???
I get up at 5:30…have my morning coffee with my husband and send him out the door with his bottles of water that I have put his grape propel into. Then it is our youngest daughters turn to go…she is out of here about 6:50. With me standing at the door telling her to “hurry or you are going to miss your bus” and her walking like she has all day. I think she does that to make me nuts…then when she gets around the corner…I would put money on it that she is running.
So the house to myself, I arm myself with my handy dandy spiral notebook and a tall glass of iced tea and head to the office. First it’s the email…and I tell myself EVERYDAY, don’t get distracted…just delete it all. But then there is always that one email that I have to open. Ohhhh mannn there is a link….don’t hit the link….don’t hit the link….don’t….shoot. Page is loading. So then I tell myself…ok self….just click back out of it. But wait…CHECK THAT OUT….ok. So you get the picture here I am sure. So after an hour of trying to get through 30 plus emails and I am not on #8 or so…I realize….time to go and toss in some laundry. While I am grabbing the jeans and shirts to toss into the washer I tell myself…”ok…just go and check the Etsy store. Just do that. Do your forum thing. Relist a few things….list the new stuff…and get out. You have a lot more to do today on there….don’t blow it….again”
Back to the computer….type in ok…so far…so good. Sign in. Ok…doing good. Just keep on the path. Go to “your etsy”…check a few things…and then off to the forum….just to see if there are any good topics or new bugs with the system today. In forums…..hmmm let’s see….where to pop into today??? Ahhhh another “newbie” needing help. I will go in there. I still need help with all this stuff too. Ohhh Wait….they are fighting in this one…calling out….I don’t want to read all this mean stuff…(click pg 3) man they are really going after someone. I can’t believe they are being sooooo rude. Page 5…I will go and look and see what else is going on. Then you notice….ohhhhh what a cute avatar she has….click on that one and your off to the races. WELLL this is a veryyyy cute shop. Wow…..I will heart her…hmmm wonder who she has sold to….
See where I am going with this? So by the time I finally realize my buzzer on my dryer is going off for the 3rd time…and I should be wellllll past my Etsy business….I have yet to make it to Destash Junction…or CoiffuresCommunity….or WeLoveEtsy or one of the twenty other spots I need to check on….or go and see what is on sale at my favorite suppliers…ohhh that reminds me SweetGeorgiaBeads has the best deals….go in and check her out again. Then I start to compare her prices with others….so when I do have the money…I know I am going to her anyway….so why do I bother comparing??? I dunno. Is this human nature….or Adhd??? Or just bad time management? I wasn’t like this until the brain surgeries. Dang Chiari Malformation.
I used to be a Medical Assistant. I worked with Doctors and Specialists. I loaded people into ambulances and the dang helicopter. Held the knife sticking out of a mans belly while the police questioned the wife….and the man with the metal rod through his neck….had to hold his neck still until ambulance arrived because we were out of C-collars and I was scared to death that if he even sneezed…that metal was going through his Carotid Artery. Oh…and I delivered a baby in a Toyota pick-up truck in the middle of a blizzard in our parking lot. They were on their way to the hospital…and couldn’t make it. The best part of that was….the Doctors left me alone to it. They ran back and forth into the building to GET ME what I needed for the patient…while I brought this little tiny baby boy….who they named Kevin into the world. Did I mention they didn’t speak a word of English….I couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t answer me at first…lol.
So ya know….I used to be someone. I was someone important. Now I am just me. Trying to make jewelry on the side because, after my brain surgeries was told that I could never work again. Matter of fact. I am being sent to UC Davis for 2 weeks so they can do testing and all kinds of other junk to me. Maybe after I get home….I will be able to manage my time better. Once upon a time I was Employee of the Month…of the Quarter…for a very large hospital. I was someone. What I did mattered. Now…I am just…. me. One day I was making great money. Now I am just trying to teach myself to make jewelry to sell online…to try and help my husband pay for my medications. Maybe when I get back from UC Davis I will be able to remember things again….I guess I didn’t mention…the reason I carry the spiral notebook…is due to short term memory loss. I have to write everything down….because I don’t remember what I do week to week. I have another notebook to write down where I put things….I can never remember where I put things. Especially important things.…only problem is….I lost that notebook. And no, I am not kidding. Well…I guess I figured out my time management issues. What are some of yours?

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