Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sister in devistated(update)

Hello again's Taylor...Christine's daughter.
I'm here to update on my sister.
First, I want to thank those of you who read the last post and for those of you who prayed for my sister. She is currently out of the hospital since yesterday after a biopsy ( bone marrow ) and gallbladder surgery. She has gram negative rods in her blood and a low white blood count. Her white blood count is supposed to be at 200,000, and it is at 97,000.
Since she was at the hospital all week, My mother and I were taking care of her currently new husbands two daughters, Samantha and Jasmine. Samantha is two years old, and Jasmine is three. They are both very precious girls, and they mean the world to me. So, since we have been taking care of them, I am ssssoooo exhausted! But, they are my nieces and I will get over it.
Tonight she got to go home, she has been staying at our house, and she is feeling A LOT better.
So, thank you again for those of you who prayed for her. I t really means a lot to our family.

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