Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sister in devistated

Hi there... It's Christine's daughter Taylor again.
First of all, my sister Kaylen had to be rushed to the hospital this last Monday in Santa Cruz California. She was puking up blood and was having EXTREME pain in her right side. At the hospital, they were telling her that it was a urinary tract infection and they gave her some medicine for the pain. Well, yesterday she was brought to our house so My mom and I could watch her and take care of her. At about 5:30, my mom woke her up to take her pain pills and we were an hour late so of course, the pain was bewildering. She was having muscle spasms and she couldn't breathe, so we rushed her to the hospital.
Right now she is being hospitalized at Northern Nevada. Last night they did a cat scan and an ultra sound and they STILL can't figure out what is going on. In a little while here she has to go in for a bi-op to see if it is bone cancer. She also has gram negative rods + low white blood count. Her white blood count is supposed to be 200,000, and its 97,000.

PLEASE OH PLEASE pray for us and pray that she will get better...she just got married last Saturday, she is a wonderful mother and sister, and she does whatever she can for this family to get us along each and every PLEASE pray for us. She doesn't deserve this.
Thank you,

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Alex said...

I am praying for your family. Be vigilant with the hospital, don't take no or I don't know for an answer. If they can't find the problem take her to another hospital. God bless you!