Monday, July 13, 2009


Hello, this is Rebecca again.. Mom is being a busy, busy worker once again... :D. So I get to fill in!
A couple nights ago, we all saw the movie Push as a family. The movie had a very good plot, filled with stradegy, adventure, deception, and the fight for truth. This movie had "super powers" in it, and of course, whenever "super powers" are involved, there are bad and good guys.
This movie was action packed, and filled with guns, screamers, pushers, and watchers. There is a secret case that everyone is hunting for, and the good guys make alot of confusion with cases for the bad guys.
I liked this movie alot. I think that it was very intriguing and it kept my interest the whole time... If you are a person who enjoys watching X-men, then I'm almost positive that you would enjoy this movie. Some people can make others believe whatever they tell them, and others can see the future.
If you are looking for a newer released movie to watch, I would suggest this one to you.

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