Friday, July 3, 2009

Etsy...or Not to Etsy...that is the question.

Ok...I have been having quite the dilemma...I have my new store on Etsy...and I love Etsy...we have had another store on Etsy for just about a year now...and I have always enjoyed it...I love making and creating....brainstorming...the whole thing.

So now with the new Etsy store that I started on June 18... I have been doing the whole forum chat thing on not just Etsy but a few others that I have found...and I enjoy. get the picture. There are a few others that I really like as well. So doing that to get the name of the store out there...and then doing the whole Twitter thing...and yes...added it to my today, I went into the usual Etsy forums and there is a thread that says something about..."Have you all seen this scathing article about Etsy??" So I admit...I read it. I typically don't get into the whole...which is better thing....who is better...blah blah blah. But today...I broke down...I read the stupid article. Don't get me wrong...the person who wrote it seemed very intelligent...the article itself was was...well it was well written...but mean spirited. THAT IS MY OPINION....ok...please don't send me email or blog that I am out of line to say that. She had her I have mine...ok...enough said.


So here is the point...ya...I have one...this reporter...writer...whatever....she actually made me second guess myself. I am a Libra....this isn't good! I can't be second guessing myself.... I have enough issues with second guessing myself throughout the day, like, which shorts to down...Twitter first...or do Facebook you can see...I have enough to ponder...let alone some nitwit writing about something she was very onesided on and letting it actually effect me.

Here is what I would like from all of you readers....which do you prefer?? Etsy, Artfire, ShopHandmade, or 1000 stores? Or is there more that I don't know of yet. Andddd is it better to have your own website...and an online venue such as mentioned above....or just the venue...or the website??? I want to see what the differences are....No I do not plan on leaving Etsy....I really like it the site...the people....the buyers....the sellers...but what is there that people seem to think they are missing? Why all the drama?

I think this reminds me of when my girls were small...."she got the bigger piece"...or the "hers is better" line. Anyone know what I mean? Why can't everyone just get along....we aren't (we =Etsians) bad mouthing other sites...that I know of...and I am not bashing or bad mouthing any of the others mentioned...please don't mis-understand...I just want to know...why all the hullaballooo???

Ok...enough now...go and do what you love...


amanda said...

personally, i really love etsy. i think having a personal website also helps. blogs too. but why cant we all just get along. :( i know how you feel.

Terri Boschman CityCreations said...

I do not know much about the other sites. But it would seem that everyone has a choice to sell where ever they want. Some people may even sell on multiple sites. Too each their own. The way I look at it, people who are bad mouthing are the ones that will end up with the negative response. I would be less likely to shop on line from someone who is bad mouthing. Just a couple thoughts. BTW probably a good idea to just not read the artical next time...hahaha Have a great day!!

Pam said...

Wow Christine I figured this out! Thanks for the tips on how to do this. Now that I've admitted I'm a total blog newby I'll say that I love the jewelry you have up on Etsy! This has got to be my favorite piece: Wow Christine I figured this out! Thanks for the tips on how to do this. Now that I've admitted I'm a total blog newby I'll say that I love the jewelry you have up on Etsy! Your Iris Fascination In Greens...Hand Beaded Brooch is my favorite, I think that's just gorgeous!

I hope you have a great time camping!