Friday, September 18, 2009

Newest Listings don't know where the time truly goes.
I keep a notebook...and at the top of each page is the date. Down the left hand side are the things I need to get done that day for the new listings on Etsy....go to CoiffuresCommunity and update...go to WeLoveEtsy and update...then to DestashJunction....and the list goes on. I also ALWAYS have on that side....BLOG...and do my HUB pages. Geeeze.
Now....down the right hand side....kinda mid page I'd say. Are the things I would like to go and check new sites I have heard of in the forums...or on one of my web link emails I get daily.
So as you can see....I begin my day around 6-6:30 a.m with good intentions. By 11:00-ish I realize that smell isn't coming from outside....and I need to shower. (not that bad...but you get the point) So I go in and take care of business there. I don't know why I bother with the makeup and doing my isn't like Publishers Clearing House is knocking on my door today or anything. But...we are's just what we do. That is what I tell my husband anyway.
He...the husband...get's home around 3:00. I decide to migrate away from the computer that I have again been at since around noonish.....and begin to weed through all the wire and the beads and my idea pages to figure out what I am going to work on today...if there isn't already something in progress.
Just when I am getting somewhere with what I am working on....and this is always inevitable I hear the familiar sound of "Honey, dinner is ready" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr whisper to myself....can't you see I am WORKING!! He is home for the day....his day is done.....grumble grumble....
So after is onto the couch next to him.....he is falling asleep and I am working on the latest and greatest items I am attempting to fenagle my way through. As he is napping soundly....I run back to the office to check email again....ya just never know!
Around 8:oo hubby wakes up...."what's on t.v honey?" my reply is typically....uhhhh dunno....working on this.
Now....some nights I can get away with working past 8...but that is what he had decided my quitting time is....or I would work until midnight.
Wellllll.....last night....taking my hair out of the twisted band around what I will swear was at one point of the day a pony tail type,....well...whatever thing. There was a POP in my right shoulder. So guess what.....I had to hear a lecture for almost an hour about how NOW my quitting time is WHEN HE GETS HOME AROUND 3. How fair is this???? Because my arm is hurting...he seems to think that I am working it too hard.
Men don't understand. Well...I shouldn't say MEN...there are women out there too that are like this. It isn't that he isn't supportive of what I am trying to do. It is because I have already had so many dang surgeries....he is worried I will injure myself doing this. But how do you go from working day in and day out....12 hour having a team of Doctors tell you that you are never working again. jewelry that I make takes me a lot longer than the average designer. I don't care about that. I do get it done....eventually. I know now that if a project says "Complete it in an hour" I know this will be a day long deal for me. I have come to grips with this. BUT to not understand that I can't sit still all day.....and as he told me last night....DO NOTHING BUT WATCH TELEVISION....are you joking???? SERIOUSLY???
....WOW......I got way off lol lol.....
I was coming on to show you my latest additions.LOLLOLOLOL.... ya go.......

These are one pair of the Breast Cancer Awareness Earrings I have made to gear up for the month of October. I think the HOPE charms truly add a little something special to these. So when wearing these...your not just showing your support to breast cancer sufferers and their family and friends...your showing HOPE.

This anklet/bracelet to the right>>>>> is a new
piece that I made this past week. It has three
different colors of teeny tiny glass pearls. There is the darkest color that I am calling Gunmetal and then the middle grey is a Steely color grey. The lightest grey is so light that in bright brightttt light it almost looks white. There are Montana Blue Sapphire Swarovskis in 6mm and 4mm intermixed with some silver chain and silver spacers. It will go from approx 9"-11" with extender chain. Kinda cooool huh?

AND THESE.....What do ya think???? These are my latest earrings that I just finished. It took me a week and a half to complete these between designing them...and figuring out what would and wouldn't work....a lot of trial and error....stuff flying across the room lol
These are my new Bohemian Earrings I just listed. I used Antique Brass chain, ear wires and the twisted hoops are antique brass as well. The top topaz bead is a czech crystal faceted bead. The bottom is a smooth round periodot green bead. the beads dangling off of the chain are both Swarovski bi-cones the green is the periodot color and the topaz have an a/b finish. (auroreau borealis) So they have this amazing shimmer to them.
I actually was pleasantly surprised with these. I love them. They are 4" long from the bottom of the ear I think these are actually considered "shoulder sweepers" or something like that.
Well.....I have more on my left side of my list I have to get done. Not to mention my daughter is taking me to town for a bit. Boy....gotta love Fridays huh? to you all for now.......GO AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!!!

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